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About us

Being present in this niche since the very first beginning it has been our mission to spread the word of Cryptocurrency to the masses.

That’s the reason why we started CryptoExplorer back in August 2017. Since then, our community has grown massively as well as our engagement and motivation for running this page.

Today we are proud that CryptoExplorer is not only the world's largest Instagram community, but also one of the leading eLearning platforms when it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. For more than 3 years our team has been working hard to provide you with informative content, explanations, tips and much more on this site.

Executive board

Stefan Erben

Executive Partner

Stefan studies business informatics and works part-time in the financial sector. He is responsible for the Telegram Channel, strategic partnerships as well as the creation of educational content. Stefan started investing in cryptocurrencies in early 2017 and loves to teach and inspire others to succeed in understanding cryptocurrencies and managing their personal finances.

Andreas Mattes

Executive Partner

Andreas also studies business informatics and works part-time as a web-developer. He takes care of customer support, marketing, the creation of infographics and Instagram content. He mined his first Bitcoin in 2013, started investing in 2017 and since then teaching cryptocurrency and blockchain has become his passion.



Design & Web

Manuel supports CryptoExplorer with multiple years of experience in design and web development.