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The World of Altcoins

Bitcoin is by far not the only Cryptocurrency! Learn about Altcoins and where/how you can buy them. We also guide you through the journey of signing up on Binance, help you to do your first trades and show you step by step what you should look out for.

After this Course you will be able to buy Altcoins using different order types, know about basic characteristics of Altcoins, use stop-limit orders and withdraw your profits to your bank account.


Buy and trade Altcoins

Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, XRP, Monero, Tron - There are thousands of Altcoins out there waiting for you! With step-by-step videos, I will show you how to register on Binance, an Altcoin exchange. Together we will fund our Binance Account, you will buy your first Altcoin and use basic order types like the limit order or the stop-limit order. After our successful investment, we will transfer our profits back to our Coinbase account.