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  • Welcome to CryptoExplorer Academy

    4 Lessons

    Hi and welcome to the CryptoExplorer Academy! Your N°1 Place To Start With Crypto! Soon you will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, learn how to store them and understand which strategies are important ... Read More

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  • Bitcoin Starter Course

    19 Lessons

    Learn how to buy, sell & transfer cryptocurrencies safely. Understand Bitcoin as both a technology and a currency at a non-technical level. Understand Bitcoin in relation to other forms of money.

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  • The World of Altcoins

    12 Lessons

    Bitcoin is by far not the only Cryptocurrency! Learn about Altcoins and where/how you can buy them. We also guide you through the journey of signing up on Binance, help you to do your first ... Read More

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  • Our Strategy

    6 Lessons

    You all asked for it, here is it: Get to know why, how and where we invest here at CryptoExplorer for the past 3 years. Learn about the tools we use and mistakes we made ... Read More

  • Cryptocurrency Advanced

    14 Lessons

    Knowing how to buy is good, knowing when to buy is better! Learn the phases of the market, understand how the price is determined and why market psychology is important for profitable investing.

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  • Trading Basics

    9 Lessons

    Trading is most of the time the act of buying low and selling high. Get familiar with basics like the order book, depth charts and candle charts . Learn how to use different order types ... Read More

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  • How to stay safe

    10 Lessons

    Nothing is more important than safety in the crypto space! In this course we will go through the most important security features.

  • CryptoExplorer Certificate

    1 Lesson

    After successful completion of some of the CryptoExplorer Academy courses, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can show to colleagues, possible future employers and of course relatives and friends. With this certificate ... Read More